Thursday, June 12, 2008


So I finally have a place for clients to sit comfortably and view their prints! Yeah! It is my own little corner, and it is a work in progress, but I love it! 

I even have lots of yummy candy for you and your kiddos to eat while you look at pictures!

My other good news is that I finally found bedding that matches the paint job I labored over (litterally, I was 9 mo pregnant)! We have sent back numerous duvet sets. This one is lime green, brown and white and it compliments the other colors in the room so well! Good night!


Liz said...

Good night is right! I love your bed and the wall paint job is amazing. I can't believe you did that yourself. I didn't know you were a faux paint artist!! You never cease to impress, Evelyn. Sleep well. :)

Kimberly said...

I love the new family picture. What did you do with your piano? Your room looks great too. Maybe I should send you a picture of our comforter and have you design a paint job that would match.

Freckles said...

Thanks. The piano went in our bedroom for a few days, until we decided that we just didn't have room for it. So we gave it back to Jeremy's parents for now. Maybe when we have a bigger house someday, but right now now one plays it anyway. I felt bad having a beautiful piano just collecting dust!

Oh, and sure, send a picture, I can suggest some painting, i love to paint!!

Jacqui said...

I LOVE your paint job in your bedroom! How did you do it? And I love the simple elegance of you bed. You are seriously amazing!!!