Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Birthday Girl

It's your birthday shout hooray! Here's some pictures from Natalie's Party on Saturday. Yes, that's the same hat as last year! We didn't have a real party for her and didn't buy many decorations either, but she didn't mind! Next year she can have a real party.

Giving Papa loves!

Julie giving Natalie a push on her new big girl bike!
Natalie in her cute new outfit from Grandma Drake. Thanks mom, she looks so adorable in the clothes!
Jake giving Kai (or should I say Woody) a ride on his skateboard. He says he wants one for his birthday now, we'll see.


Liz said...

She's so cute with her "recycled" hat. :) Low budget, low stress birthdays are the best!

*C said...

Super cute pics!! :)

The Hall Family said...

So cute! I can't show you the pictures from Mick's party now after seeing those!!! You are so good.