Saturday, September 27, 2008

Beach Days

By this day I was feeling sick, but there was no way I was going to miss watching Audrey in action!! I enjoyed every class and each instructor, but this was the highlight of the trip! She is an amazing photographer! It gave me a ray of hope since she uses the same camera I do! : ) She even said I had cute cheek bones, awww.

So, anyway here are some pics I took during that class. A lot of these are cropped quite a bit since I was shooting with a 50mm behind and to the side of Audrey. These 1st two are my favorites!

Home Again!

I'm back from Learnfest! I had such an amazing experience, words can't even describe it! I learned so much and have so many new ideas for my business, too. It was such an inspiration. Thank you to all the amazing instructors for sharing your time and talents with us!

Here are some images from the first day of classes; we were lucky to have had such beautiful models! That day we were watching Tamara work with kids. She is a ball of energy, that one! If I tried to exude that much energy I'd drop dead by noon! But It was a fun experience watching her work and seeing her style; she is amazing with kids! 

Although we were split up into small groups so that taking pictures wasn't a shoving match, it was still hard to get a good angle a few times. But here is a little of what I got.....

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I will be in North Carolina next week for Learnfest, so I won't be able to answer e-mails or phone calls. I will get back to everyone next Friday or Monday. Hopefully I'll have some incredible pictures to post when I return! Looking forward to relaxing on the beach!

Sneak Peek for Mikel and Carlie

I braved the pokey thorn bushes for these two today, but it was worth it! I'm glad you guys thought of me, I look forward to doing your bridals and your wedding!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mini Sessions- October

If you missed the e-mail or aren't on the list, here are the mini's I'm offering for October:

Sunflower Patch: $45  Saturday Oct 4th
A 30 min sitting for 1 older child/teen (they are pretty tall and sharp) in a sunflower patch in Spanish Fork, 10+ proofs on-line, and an on-line slideshow. Additional people are $15 each. I only have 6 spots for this!

Halloween Costumes: $35  Saturday Oct 18th
A 30 min studio sitting for 1 child in their costume ($15 per additional child) that includes 5-10 proofs in an on-line gallery, an on-line slideshow and plenty of fun and candy!! I have 10 spots open for this mini!

Also, a side-note: I only have 5 holiday family sessions left in November. If you want me to do your Christmas card pictures please call me right away, I will not be doing any family sessions in December this year!!!

If you would like to be on my special's e-mail list or have questions about any of these please send an e-mail to:

Thank you! Have a wonderful holiday season!!

Pirate Kai and Other Musings

Kai loves to dress up all the time, that's no secret, but since he has to wear a uniform to school I think he has been having withdraws! He dresses up every day after school now. And on Sunday he wanted to be a pirate after church; the suit he was wearing actually looked good in pirate mode.

So I had a dream last night...Jeremy died. This is no longer a surprise to him, he dies in a lot of my dreams! In fact, as soon as I say,"I had this dream last night..." he says, "let me guess, I died!" He's been eaten by lions, whales, attacked, and most recently crushed by a building.
We were in Europe sight seeing and there was an earth quake that leveled a building we were leaving. Unfortunately, I was the only one that made it out. That's the other part, I always live in these dreams; it's not intentional and I really don't have a death wish for him, believe me! It's just a little unsettling.  So there ya go, now you all know I have strange dreams regularly! haha

Anyway, this is a photo blog so enjoy some more pics...

Here's one of Natalie. She ran up to me and asked me to take her picture and then proceeded to stare at the ground until she was sure I was finished. Then she asked to see them!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sneak Peek- Preschool Tuesday

Here are some pictures from the Tuesday classes at the preschool. What cute kids!

I love some of these, each class played red rover for a while.

I made some collages to save space, you can click to enlarge them.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Car Accident

So I finally had a second to get these pics off my phone. It's hard to see all the details from that little camera, but here you are....

This is our car: a few scratches and dents, the bumper is bent up. Most of the damage was underneath since she was in a minivan and it went under our car.

And this is hers!  The front was pretty smashed! She couldn't drive it home because everything in the front was pushed back so far.

I felt bad for her though, they had just had a baby a few months ago and bought this car so they could fit all the car seats. Bummer!

We are all fine, I was a little sore for a few days, but a massage helped a ton!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sneak Peek- Preschool

Where did summer go? I can't believe school is already in! I am back at Creative Care Preschool in Spanish Fork this year to document the year for them; these are all from our first session from the classes on Monday (Look for Tuesday's classes soon). It was fun to see some of the kids return from last year and see how much bigger they are this year.