Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Natalie's First Haircut

I think Natalie liked her first haircut, although she is making silly faces in all the pictures. She was pretty excited about it when she was all done though!

Her hair was filthy so we had to wash it first. She did better with that part than I thought she would, she just had this cute, little scared smile the whole time. It took 2 booster chairs to get her high enough to reach the sink.

I never actually got pictures of Kai's first haircut, so I figured I would do some of him too while we were there. He's a pro now; I actually had him go first so Natalie could see what would happen. 


Liz said...

Great pictures! Did you take them to a professional salon? I love Natalie's little smile as she's getting her hair washed. Kai looks intense. :) How much did you cut off Natalie's hair? Do you like the results?

Freckles said...

I took them to Super Cuts by my house. I just had them trim as little as possible off her hair, and it looks good, still long so I was relieved!