Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The Nelson's strike again! For any of you who know us well, you know we don't have a good track record with pets. They usually don't stay with us very long.

Well, we decided to get the kids a kitten because Kai has been begging for one! We bought one from the shelter (of course we couldn't find any free ones), a cute female calico we named Mittens. She was a great kitten, but there were some major problems....

Turns out, natalie loved the kitty a little too much! She would just drag it around the house by it's neck and tail and swing it around. We were afraid she would hurt it. Also, if it hid from her she would cry her eyes out. All day long she was crying because the kitty hid from her. She also  picked up a few scratches from her affection! Kai was pretty good with the kitty, although I did see him throw her a couple times too!

The biggest problem though is that mommy and daddy are allergic to cats it turns out. So, in the end we had to get rid of her.
Bye Bye Kitty!

Oh, and Kai's other frog, Alex, died the next day! Really bad timing!


miss bliss said...

found your blog by pushing the "next blog" button in blogger.

Beautiful kids! too bad about the kitty.

Kimberly said...

Sounds a bit too much like MaKayla and our dog. We are lucky to have such a patient pet.