Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hanauma Bay- Hawaii

Our last Day in Hawaii was spent driving along the East Coast, taking pictures and finally, snorkeling. This picture is from a lookout point somewhere on the coast, possibly blowhole? We were looking for Blowhole (a good spot to see whales, and also a wave crash that looks like a whale's blowing water), but we never did see a sign for it. So, we were there, somewhere, but didn't even know it!
This is Hanauma Bay (the part that only cost $1-to park)! It is a nature preserve, so to actually get to the beach you have to pay! It is cool thought because they limit the number of people that are there all day. Once the parking lot is full, they close it. We had to drive by a few times before there was an opening. It is a huge reef with many types of fish, sea turtles, and octapus, although we only saw fish.

Here are some of our fishy friends! Jeremy and I are both terrible in the water, and I'm sure it was a hilarious sight to watch- both of us freaking out because we couldn't breath! We didn't go out very far because my mask kept filling up with water too, but there were tons of fish just a foot out into the water! I think I kicked a few on accident!

Can I just say that I hate those disposable cameras- with a huge mask and a tiny viewfinder?! I just stuck it out and hoped I got fish! 


Patti said...

I love your new blog and really enjoy being able to look in to see what the different familes are up to. Thanks for letting me know. I have it on my favorites now. Don't you just LOVE Hawaii?

Kimberly said...

That's beautiful. It makes me want to pack my bags right now.