Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kai Goes To School!

Kai is now a Kindergardener! These are some pictures from his first day of school on Monday. He was so excited to go that morning that he was all smiles. 

He is there all day and so far he is having a great time and learning new things. He did forget to bring his lunch box home today though, but other than that things are going well! I think his favorite part of the day is nap time though, he tells me about it everyday! 

Showing me his cool back-pack, the one he's had for a couple years now!

We were really rushed in the morning and I forgot to bring my camera to the school so Jeremy asked me to do some more pictures after school. Kai was pretty tired though after his first day and not in the mood for pictures obviously...

I was also told to get a picture of Kai with the dog to match one that Jeremy has from his first day of school, but both Kai and the dog had other plans. This is about as good as it gets.

Kai does look pretty handsome in his little uniform!


The Hall Family said...

He is VERY handsome! Mick forgets his lunchbox every time he takes it, so I guess that's common. At least, for our two forgetful boys!!

Patti said...

Very, very cute pictures. Wow that back pack is as big as he is! Both your kids are darling....oh, yeah, the dog too!