Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lukas & Blair - Utah Children's Photography

These little cuties were so fun to photograph; so energetic and big personalities. You can see that anything goes in the studio, there are no rules, just play time! Mom did such a great job on their outfits, too. Bright colors look amazing here in the white studio!

People say that photographing pets and kids are the toughest specialties, and they're right, to a certain degree. You just have to know how to work with them. Photographing kids is like a step aerobics class, weight lifting, acting, juggling, and duck hunting all rolled into one (I'm usually sweating by the end). haha What the? Let me explain....I'm usually running around, getting down on the floor just to jump up a second later and run to get another shot, "flying" kids into their spot, making animal noises, acting like a clown, holding a camera and a puppet, changing lenses, etc, and then waiting for the perfect expression.
The final result is worth every part of it, don't you think?!


Daniel said...

I LOVE them! They turned out so cute! I love the last one of my kids together in their bright outfits. That one is going in a frame for sure. Thanks a bunches!!!!

Brandi, Dan, L and B said...

ummmm that comment was from Brandi not Dan but I am sure Dan feels the same way! HA HA.

Kari said...

These are so cute! You did a great job, makes me want pics of mine again lol. Maybe after we get our tax refund :) adn when the newest one is here of course. Are these with film?

tracie said...

Very worth it. So cute. Great job.