Thursday, March 4, 2010

What I've Been Up To...

Besides, sick kids and wishing with all my might for Spring to arrive? Well, it's already been a busy month!

First, I have a new website dedicated just to teenagers and have so many fun shoots planned for Spring and Summer! As soon as there is some green out there,  you'll find me outside having a blast with my camera again. : )

Second, I've discovered a new passion in life and will soon be launching my own body care products like bath bombs, body butter, lip balm, butter massage bars, bath melts, and more! I started experimenting to try and find some relief for Nicole's poor dry skin, and have fallen in love with making natural bath products. Who knew?! My husband isn't exactly thrilled about adding a second business to our already crazy life, but he's a VERY supportive husband (I really have the best husband ever). Wish me luck.

This weekend Nicole will be turning one, so I'll be making a post about that soon. And in another week Jeremy and I will be on our way to the Bahamas on a cruise! Ahhh, sunshine.

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Kari said...

The new body butter is fabulous! And I'm counting the minutes till Aaron gets home so I can go relax in the bath and try some of the other samples you brought me. Yay!!! People are going to live this stuff. You should contact some of the shops in town and see if you can sell stuff there, like the Beehive Health Essentials and even Goodies.