Friday, November 6, 2009

Parker and KC - Sneak Peek - Utah Kid's Photography

Remember Baby Clayton? Well, his mom just couldn't get enough so she came back with her other two handsome boys! These kids are sooo easy to photograph since I've been doing their pictures since they were babies, they know me pretty well!  Kari, I hope this makes your day a little better, enjoy!

Mom didn't plan for Clayton to be in the pictures, but he matched and it was so cute! His shirt is just a little messy, that's all. ; )


Kari said...

Oh my gosh you did it again. I LOVE them all. Now I'm crying cause it's been a crazy day with kids driving me nuts but seeing such great pictures of them makes me love them all over again.
Don't stress over not being as busy as you'd like. Soon enough word will get around about just how great you are and you'll have more business than you can handle. People are just crazy if they don't have you do photos for them. And they are even crazier if they can look at them and only order one or two.
There is absolutely no comparison between the work you do and the cheap store studio pics. People are wasting their money going anywhere else.

Kathy said...

These really are cute. I love them all too. The colors are so bright and the boys of course look great. Good job.

*C said...

What cute boys! Fun pics!! Great job! Looks like your new studio has been getting a lot of use!! Good for you! And it looks great by the way!! I need to come see it in person!!