Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Bunch of Sickheads

Well, I have to say this has been one of the hardest weeks for me on record! Jeremy left for India on Tuesday morning. I had pictures scheduled Wednesday and Thursday all day. Well, in the middle of my sitting on Wed Kai's school called and sent him home with Pink eye. We went to the Dr. that afternoon and his fever was over 102 (I didn't even know he had a fever), so the Dr. was puzzled, there was no reason for a fever, he wasn't sick anywhere but his eye. 

Jump to the next day...the eye drops and medication aren't making a difference, and I'm still busy with pictures. So we go to an eye specialist later that day who tells us it isn't pink eye, it's a virus, a VERY contagious one! Kai has to stay home from school for a WEEK! Which means home from everywhere else, too so we don't infect anyone. Great, home with 2 kids 24-7 and no husband. At first I thought, well this could be fun, we can play games and have fun. 

We had fun for one day! And my house is sparkling now, too since I didn't have much else to do, but I started going crazy! I couldn't get a babysitter and I couldn't go anywhere! And to top it off, Natalie got the flu, TWICE!! And then so did I, yesterday.  I think I need a vacation!!

The sad part is that I couldn't even get out and vote! I was just about to call someone to watch the kids when Natalie threw up all over me! Good thing I got Jeremy's ballot in on time for him, so at least one of us got to vote!

Anyway, luckily, Jeremy is coming home today and I can't wait! I appreciate him so much and miss everything he does to help around the house, especially the feeding and cleaning up after the dog part!! ; ) xoxo

I must say though, that I have the best friends and neighbors ever! Thank you to everyone who helped me this week in ways they could! Thank you Kari and Amy for bringing dinner, that was so great! Thank you Julie for going grocery shopping for me twice! Thank you to Regina for taking the kid's pumpkins and getting candy for us and for bringing movies! 

And a big thank you to grandma and grandpa for exposing yourselves to this to watch Natalie those first two days, thanks for bringing food and movies and for coming on Halloween night to give a blessing!! Thank you bishop Lyman , too for helping give a blessing!


Liz said...

Oh Evelyn! I feel your pain! Your last week sounds awful and I can't believe you even survived. :) I would have crawled into a hole and never come out. Thank heaven for husbands and daddies, right?! I hope life seems bright again quickly for you and yours.

Paige said...

I don't know how you do it. When Derek comes home later than 10 I complain about it all day. You're SUPERMOM!