Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kai is 9!

I can't believe kai is already 9, my little baby is 9! He is such a sweet boy with an incredible mind. He loves art, building with legos, working with lego robotics and folding origami. I had to document this stage and a few of his creations!! He is a very talented and gifted boy.

I don't have many digital pictures of Kai as a baby, that was back in the good old days of film. But I do have lots of prints I need to get scanned.

Kai has always been an adventurous boy, and very curious about how things work. While other kids his age were playing at the park, we could always find Kai inspecting the nuts and bolts on the playground equipment. He loved to see how things went together.

I didn't have any recent pictures of Natalie when I did her birthday post, so here are a few of her too. My shy, elusive girl actually looked me in the eye for a few snaps!


MDrake said...

Natalie is growing up to be such a beautiful young lady! Wish I were closer to share more moments with them all!

MDrake said...

Kai has been a busy boy! I still have his origami heart on our fridge and his bird in the kids' room!