Thursday, May 29, 2008


Kai graduated from Preschool on Wed! Next year: Kindergarten. They had a little ceremony and sang a few songs (Little Bunny Foo Foo, and Toodie Taw). 

Kai was really excited,  as you can see! After the songs he ran back into the classroom to play and skipped the rest of the ceremony. Oh, and we've had a costume regression, he wanted to be Woody again! Oh well.

Kai and his friend Parker with their diplomas.

And my favorite...Accepting his award! They had these posters for the girls and boys that were too cute, I couldn't resist!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Brenda and Trevor

Here is a sneak peak of Brenda and Trevor. They are so in love and so adorable! Brenda is wearing her Grandmother's dress-she's such a skinny minnie, not to mention beautiful! Thanks for being yourselves in front of the camera. See you in Arizona in July for the wedding, I can't wait!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Cory and Heather Sneak Peak

Congratulations on your engagement! Here is a sneak peak of your evening session in the orchard. Enjoy.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Ms. Sailor

Here is a sneak peak for you all...also my first shoot with my new camera! Hooray! Thanks for being my model, you are a sweet baby!

I had to add one of her big brother, too. He is so cute, and he is such a good big brother! Can't you tell?

Happy Mother's Day!

My kids are budding artists. We made hearts for all the grandma's for Mother's Day. Kai and Natalie had fun coloring them; I think they turned out great!

What do you think?

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Blue Car

I forgot to explain why Jeremy was so excited to get his new truck....the car he was previouly driving  was purchased for $800, if that gives you any clue as to the age and condition of the vehicle.

 Don't get me wrong, we were grateful to have another car at that point in life and it did everything that a car really needs to do (meaning :get you from point A to B). But the AC went out a while ago, and it stinks like crazy because it burns oil when you drive, and forget about power anything! Jeremy would get home from work and I would make him change his clothes because he smelled like the car!  

We didn't even name this car. All of our cars have names, except this one. Kai referred to it fondly as "the blue car." 

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More California

Here are some more of my favorites from the beach shoot.

Kai's fancy Buzz from Disneyland.

I love the light in California!

Our last stop on our way home-Cedar City to see Jeremy's sister. She helped fashion Kai a Spiderman mask! Impressive!!

California Trip

Life is still crazy, but I managed a few minutes to post pictures of our California trip a few weeks ago. This was the main purpose of our trip... Jeremy's new baby!

Jeremy's Aunt and Uncle in San Diego. We bought the truck from them and stayed at their house the first night. Thank you for both the truck and a place to stay!

Our little family did fit in the truck, was tight!

The next day we drove to Irvine to stay with my brother and his wife. We went to Disneyland that day too, the most magical (expensive) place on Earth! We got there just in time for a parade which was good since kai really wanted to see Mickey Mouse.

All I have to say is, I'm glad that's not my job-being cast as a fork!

Disneyland, synonymous with waiting in lines for hours. 

Kai, however, found ways to amuse himself and the rest of the line, too!

My sister-in-law, such a big help! Thanks for coming with us!!!

We finally got onto the Nemo ride. I tried to be polite and not use a flash, but that wasn't really working out, so I ignored their warnings and used it a couple times anyway. What are they gonna do, throw me in the water?

More cool effects from the Buzz ride thanks to Heather!

Five hours and 3 rides  later....
That was the last ride WE wanted to go on so we decided to buy the kids a toy so we could leave on a happy note. That plan backfired. This is a lousy picture, but you can see just what happened when we told Kai to pick out 1 toy. Natalie has an equal stash in her arms too!
A few tears later and we walked out with a $30 deluxe Buzz toy and some Nemo fish for Natalie. Ahh, the memories.